Europe's B2B Space Event

This year's largest B2B space event is returning to?Bremen with high-level industry experts sharing?their insights on the most important developments and challenges facing space engineers and manufacturers today. The?3-day conference promises?product presentations and an outlook?into the?future of systems, components and manufacturing solutions for civil, military and commercial space.?

Meet us in Bremen!

Booth #1019?

near the Smallsat stage (Forum 3)

Our Solution

ESI's Virtual Prototyping solutions enable you, to immerse yourself in new ideas, to instantly test competing variants and deliver the optimum products in the evolution of space exploration.?It allows scientists, engineers, and designers, to quickly explore and develop your most innovative solutions digitally, without any prototype, for best functionality, best performance, best durability and excellent matching accuracy.?Meet strict contract-regulations, development time frames and production costs, while reducing last stage failures to zero.?

Achieve high efficiency while keeping costs under control - this is what ESI stands for.?

We offer?a wide range of dedicated solutions for the Space and Defense Industry, as well as for Aerospace. See our solutions?here.?


Meet our?experts at our?booth #1019?near the Smallsat stage (Forum 3) and see our cutting edge technology in this area. Learn about our solutions and concepts in the fields:?

Vibro-acoustics simulations to reduce impact of satellite launch noise & vibrations, to improve payload security?

Manufacturing simulations of high-performance composites-based parts to better predict manufacturing processes & time.?

Virtual Reality simulations of product functionality, assembly processes and mission physics.?

Additive manufacturing simulations, to reduce time & material in building processes, improving manufacturability and product quality.?

Fluid simulations, to improve fuel sloshing, increase engine efficiency and thrust.

Every single solution can help to lower massively development time & costs, lower fuel consumption, increase vehicle performance and decrease payload cost.

Customer Success

The objective is simple:?zero real tests, zero real prototypes, zero downtime. The results are palpable: faster product development process, increased product performance,?and reduced costs.?

Don't let us tell you how well our solutions perform, let our customers tell you about it in our arrays of success stories?here.?